Turnstiles 101 - Designing and Implementing a Pedestrian Entrance Control System

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Learn about different turnstile options, and how to evaluate and implement them.


The history, background, benefits and features of pedestrian entrance control systems such as turnstiles, portals, and security revolving doors will be explored and reviewed. Methods for selecting between such systems and their various features and options will be investigated. The presenters will discuss risk assessment, budgeting, internal decision processes, ROI justification, and helpful external resources for selecting and employing such a system in your campus or building.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of Risk Assessment in Pedestrian Entrance Control Design
  • List the types and features of pedestrian entrance control systems
  • Select the best type of technology to use for their design, based upon site conditions, client security policies, and architectural concerns
  • Discern between the newest authentication technologies (biometrics, QR codes, Bluetooth, etc.) and their integration with PEC's.
  • Determine the ideal number of passage points (lanes) for their application depending on building/campus population, security goals, authentication technologies to be integrated.
  • Recommend an entrance control system based upon such concepts as UL, IP, MCBF and warranties
  • Find additional resources for help and reference to be used when designing such a system (i.e. ASIS ANSI/ASIS/RIM Risk Assessment Standards)


Mike McGovern, PSP, has nearly 20 years' experience developing, designing and integrating pedestrian entrance control systems (turnstiles, portals) working with end users, architects, integrators and security engineer consultants. His extensive portfolio of work includes hundreds of architectural optical turnstile systems at many of the USA's most iconic and recognizable buildings and campuses. He is a frequent author on the subject of access control and turnstiles, having been published by many security trade journals such as Security Today, Security Products, Government Security News, and American Security Today.. He is a Regional Sales Manager for Automatic Systems.

Jeffrey A. Slotnick, CPP, PSP, is an internationally known Enterprise Security Risk Management Consultant with more than 28 years of experience, peer recognized as a Thought Leader. His extensive experience includes designing and recommending integrated systems of security portals (person traps), mechanical turnstiles, optical turnstiles, and drop fencing. His clients include schools, transit organizations, data centers, warehouses, and factories. Jeff is an SRVP for ASIS International, Faculty Advisor for the University of Phoenix, and a 18-year Reserve LEO for Centralia, Washington. Jeff is President of Setracon Enterprise Security Risk Management Services.

Jon Harris, CPP, PSP, has direct experience with the deployment and management of Pedestrian Entrance Control (PEC) systems as an end user, as well as supporting the design and deployment of turnstiles as an integrated access control technology. Jon began his career as Site Security Manager with Rosemount Aerospace - a UTC company, and developed through various roles of greater responsibility, until wrapping up his End User tenure as the Associate Director | Security, Property & International Trade Compliance for the Sensors & Integrated Systems (SIS) business unit of UTC Aerospace Systems. Jon moved into the Manufacturer's side of the business in 2018, as the A&E Consultant Program Manager for LenelS2 and is now working with Lion Strategic LLC as a Senior Security Consultant. Jon was recognized by Security Systems News as one of the Security industry's 20 under 40 award recipients in 2016.

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