Traditional Lockdown Versus Multi-Option Responses to School Shootings

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Learn the effectiveness of responses to active shooter situtations in schools.


Two paradigms inform responses to active shooting situations: a traditional lockdown approach where individuals find cover in a classroom and lock the door, and a multi-option approach where individuals evacuate the area, create barricades, and, in last resort situations, actively resist the gunman. While a majority of schools conduct active shooter drills, typically using a traditional lockdown approach, little is known about their effectiveness. Through simulations, this study sought to determine which of the two paradigms that inform active shooter drills is the most effective. Drills informed by the multi-option response paradigm were found to end more quickly and result in fewer people being shot.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Where traditional lockdown came from and how the tactics increase casualties.
  • How multi optioned response for active shooter is effective in mitigation of casualties.
  • Why traditional lockdown is not a one size fits all response for active shooter.

Credit Information

Completion of this webinar is eligible for 1 CPE credit. CPE credit for this webinar will be updated in your user profile within 48 hours of completion. Self-reporting of CPE credits is not required.


Joseph A. Hendry Jr., PSP, CLEE
Director of Risk Assessments

He was named by the Ohio Department of Homeland Security and Ohio Attorney General's Office as an expert in civilian and law enforcement response to active threats. He is an ASIS member with PSP? certification, as well as a graduate of Police Executive Leadership College and the Certified Law Enforcement Executive program. He served six years in the United States Marine Corps and 27 years with the Kent State Police Department. He was an Intelligence Liaison Officer with Ohio Homeland Security. He is a Best Recommended Expert Service Provider for the Insurance Industry and holds a bachelor's degree in Telecommunications. Hendry currently is a Principal appointed to the Cross Functional Emergency Preparedness and Response (ACT-AAA) Committee for NFPA 3000 to write the national standard to Plan, Respond & Recover from an Active Shooter/Hostile Event. He is was issued the classification of Special Expert by NFPA. He currently serves as a member of the ASIS School Safety and Security Council and served on the Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Standard committee to update and rewrite policy and procedures used internationally by governments, business, education, and houses of worship.

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