The most desired skill set for future security professionals!

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023 10:00 am EDT

Learn how soft and hard skills facilitate personal and professional growth and success.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023 10:00 am EDT

What path facilitates personal and professional growth and success: Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills.

Soft Skills: behaviors for work enabling better socialization with other people and building positive relationships. 

Hard Skills:  technical skills giving the ability to perform functional tasks.

Unlike hard skills, soft skills can be applied to every area of your life. Hard skills may get you to the interview table, but soft skills get you the job.

Don’t forget we work with people, and we do work for people. 

Soft skills can be learned. Hard skills such as technological skills, sector specific knowledge, etc., are limited to their purpose, but soft skills are a life-long investment.

Throughout life, people, environments, and situations change, but what personal attributes will sustain you?


Orhan Topcu
Senior Regional Physical Security Manager for Northwest EU and Turkiye, Microsoft

In his current role, Mr. Topcu is in charge of Microsoft’s physical security operations in a vast geography of NW Europe, from protecting life safety, MS assets, enabling business operations and also company reputation, He is an active member of OSAC and ASIS networks, as well as DRII org.

Prior to MS, Orhan served as the Head of DPPI SEE Secretariat (Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative for South Easter Europe), an Intergovernmental organization with 11 Member Nations – Former Yugoslavia and surrounding countries in Southeast Europe, mainly focusing on disaster prevention and preparedness through regional cooperation on Disaster Risk Reduction activities, establishing and strengthening cooperation with international/regional organizations such as UNISDR, UNOCHA, UNDP, RCC, EU Commission etc, while on this role, Orhan also run Region wide Disaster Risk Reduction Project Management which includes DMTP Training Programme Management, including successfully delivering of 38 training event over 30 months and organizing 8 Regional events, 10 seminars and 2 regional scale drills while strengthening the financial capacity of the organization over %300.

Mr. Topcu also served as and direct advisor to the General Director of the Emergency management authority of the Turkey, working on national emergency management legislation updates for disaster response and also handling the international affairs for close cooperation with FEMA, DEMA and JAICA. He also acted as consultant to General Directorate on MEER and ISMEP project, for earthquake preparedness of Istanbul and Marmara Region.  He also worked on the Information and Communications Technologies of the Crises Management Centers both in İzmir and Istanbul. The emergency management story started just after Marmara earthquake and continued under the National Emergency Management Center of Turkey under Prime Ministry Office.

Turkish National Police HQ years, Mr. Topcu served in multiple Depts of Turkish National Police HQ.  Starting from Data Processing Dept to Planning, Research & Coordination Dept and also took part in multiple National IT projects. He first started as Data Analysis Brueau Chief in 1992. He has served as the National Police Data Network Admin and also were the first Cyber Crimes Breau chief. He has a very strong IT background and experience.

Mr Topcu also took part in UN  Peace Keeping Missions, both in Bosnia and Kosova. In Kosova, he served UNIPTF/ UNMIK, in Special Operations / Analysis Cell- as intelligence / risk Analyst and developed a model on risk identification for protective services and intelligence gathering using risk indicators database. Before UN Kosova mission, just after Dayton Agreement he was one of the first UN mission staff in SARAJEVO / Bosnia Herzegovina as a member of Mission Planning group, mainly working on establishing and developing first UN Mission Monitoring Operations, First design of data flow formats for daily streps (situation report) and reporting Planning and Providing secure VIP transfers, as well as Security support to 1st Parliamentary session of BiH.

Mr. Topcu, got retired from government in 2011 and started serving in private sector. Since than he has been working in Microsoft Global Security team and he is highly specialized in Risk Management and Travel Risk Management. He is a notorious nonstop learner and hold many heats, ethical hacker, certified scuba diver, sail person etc… He best describes himself as a “person of connection” .

He is an ethical hacker and a notorious sail and scuba person. He enjoys spending his free time with his family and usually in Mediterranean.

*Note: Speakers and content are subject to change without notice.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023 10:00 am EDT
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