Siemens and Samdesk: Using data to protect your brand, assets and most importantly people

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Sponsored By: Samdesk
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Learn to understand and dissect data obtained through OSINT for effective decision making when it comes to security operations and business continuity.

Sponsored By: Samdesk

Information as we know it today, is more readily available than ever before. It can be obtained through multiple sources (OSINT) and consumed through various channels via the web. We are often flooded, overwhelmed even, by data. Understanding and dissecting this data is key for effective decision making when it comes to security operations and business continuity.

Join us, as Siemens and Samdesk share their collaborative approach and experiences in today’s challenging GSOC environments. Leveraging intelligence methodology and powered by technology, the Situation and Intelligence Analysis team at Siemens strives to support holistic and sound decision making throughout the entire Siemens value chain.

Topics Included:

  • Global approach to Security Operations
  • Blending Tech and Human Cognition
  • The Opportunities of Social Media (OSINT) Analytics
  • How Siemens overcomes some of their biggest challenges
  • Social Media as Digital Eyes and Ears
  • Security Operations of the Future
  • And more!

After attending this presentation, you will understand:

  • Understanding the complexities of global organization and their security operations
    • How do you approach security management for vast and diverse regions globally
    • Best practices for organizations with global footprints
  • How to use volumes of data to deliver tailored insights rapidly and decisively
    • Provide real, focused insights on the world affecting your organization
    • Tools to streamline your crisis management
  • Viewing social media as an opportunity
    • Understanding the good and the bad
    • How to spot reliable sources online
  • Digital Eyes and Ears on the ground
    • How to approach real-time verification using OSINT
    • Monitoring developing online conversations
  • Security Operations of the Future
    • Understanding the new norm post pandemic and what that means for us today

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Matt Kish
Deputy Team Lead, Situation and Threat Analysis
Siemens AG

Based in Munich, Germany, Matt Kish is the deputy team lead of the Siemens Situation and Threat Analysis team, with a responsibility for providing security intelligence analysis across the company. Driving the team’s efforts on a global level throughout the intelligence cycle process, Matt also specializes in providing analytical support to Siemens’ operations in the Middle East region.

Martina Nahr
Senior Analyst, Situation and Threat Analysis
Siemens AG

A senior security analyst based out of Erlangen, Germany, Martina Nahr has been with the Siemens Situation and Threat Analysis team for seven years. Responsible for providing intelligence support to the company's global operations, Martina specializes in covering Africa and Americas topics. She also leads on the continuous development of Social Media Analytics within the Siemens security ecosystem.

Charlotte Lynch
Head of Customer Success
Charlotte Lynch, Head of Customer Success at samdesk, is an experienced practitioner in customer care with over 10 years of client-facing experience. Her skill set encompasses a varied spectrum from marketing to customer management. She champions the voice of the customer and is always on hand to support and showcase the amazing work of samdesk users.

*Note: Speakers and content are subject to change without notice.

Sponsored By: Samdesk
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