GSX 2023 Career HQ Collection: Leadership

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1.5 CPE

This GSX 2023 Career HQ Collection includes 4 recordings discussing leadership development.

1.5 CPE

This GSX 2023 Career HQ Collection includes 4 recordings discussing leadership development.

Integrating Human Factors Principles into Security Leadership Practices 

Using human factors principles can bring efficiency and more alignment between security teams. Whether as a CISO or a security team member, it is essential to understand how psychology plays into building mature and coordinated security teams. This presentation will cover psychological aspects, such as cognitive workloads, and how those can impact security teams. The conclusion will include how teams can integrate these principles into their current processes to build better and more cohesive teams.

Our Grey Areas of Security 

The discussion focuses on multigenerational differences in security and how they are much different but share the same common goal.

Road to Security Leadership for NextGen 

The security threat landscape has changed drastically in recent times and attracted the entire world's attention. As a result, many young security professionals will be interested in pursuing security management as a career option. The objective of this session will be to show a holistic picture of the security industry to young professionals, including: upcoming challenges and responsibilities they will bear as a security professional; the personality traits, skills, and knowledge that they are required to have; the role of ASIS board certification in their carrier progression; and the common mistakes young professionals make during their tenure. At the end of this session, the young professionals will be able to make informed decisions, get motivated, aspire to be seasoned security professionals, and climb the ladder up to security leadership roles.

The "Must-Knows" of Realizing a New Leadership Role 

Technical proficiencies absolutely do NOT automatically equate to leadership ability. As such, the ""3 Imperatives"" and ""5 Dangers"" of undertaking a new leadership position—as presented in a dynamic, engaging, enticing, entertaining, and technologically rich format— will be thoroughly explored through practical applications, applicable to all persons globally. Moreover, the learning objectives and takeaways from this presentation will be conducive to both the newly conferred leader (making the transition from front-line practitioner to first-time supervisor), mid-level management (looking to solidify their leadership capabilities), and the senior manager (looking to fine-tune present-day methodologies). Furthermore, all attendees will walk away with steadfast concepts to immediately employ, which will help foster a workplace culture of motivation, competence, coordination, and above-average morale.


1.5 CPE
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