Disinformation and Corporate Risk: The Growing Threat to Your Brand

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Explore the impact of disinformation on global brands. Originally presented in September 2021.


Disinformation has long been understood as a means of political warfare. Now it is being used in ways that damage corporations and economies. Based on the National Contagion Research Institute Report – The Future of Disinformation Operations and the Coming War on Brands – this moderated discussion on the use of disinformation beyond political warfare with the intent of wreaking economic disruption, with global brands facing unprecedented attacks on their reputations. There will be an opening presentation to frame the issue, including identifying who the attackers and victims are and quantifying the scale of the problem, followed by an interactive conversation with attendees.


John Donohue, Fellow, Center on Policing, Rutgers University, | Chief Operating Officer, Network Contagion Research Institute

Mike Gips, Principal, Global Insights in Professional Security

Paul Goldenberg, President, Cardinal Point Strategies

Adam Sohn, Chief Executive Officer, Network Contagion Research Institute

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