Beyond buzzwords: What can video analytics actually do?

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Learn the latest on video analytics so you can understand the terminology and the technology.

Sponsored By: Genetec

We are living in a new reality, with ever increasing amounts of data and a need to make sense of it all. Video analytics, to automatically extract actionable information from all this data, have been around for some time. Great improvements of this technology have been achieved in recent years. Now, words like AI, deep learning and machine learning are thrown around, with a multitude of companies appearing on the scene. This makes it harder and harder for end users to filter through all of this.

This session will give an overview over the current state of video analytics, explaining what works today while explaining terms like deep learning and machine learning in plain English.


Florian Matusek
Product Group Director, Video Analytics

Florian Matusek co-founded KiwiSecurity in 2008, a company specializing in video analytics development. He has a master's degree in Computer Graphics and Digital Image Processing from the Vienna University of Technology, as well as a PhD in Information Processing Science from the University of Oulu, Finland, for his work on privacy protection in video surveillance. Florian acts as the Product Group Director of Video Analytics at Genetec.

Jean-Philippe Deby
Head of Buildings & Industrial Market Segment, Europe

Jean-Philippe Deby is the Head of the Buildings & Industrial market segment for Genetec Europe. He is responsible for monitoring, improving and commercializing the company's solution offerings to help European industrial companies meet local regulatory requirements. JP has been with the company since 2007 and was previously responsible for the sales organization in Western Europe and the development of the Genetec Channel Partner Program for EMEA. Prior to joining Genetec, JP held various sales and marketing functions for distributors, system integrators and manufacturers of IP-based solutions. He holds a bachelor's degree in Finance and Economy from Chicago's De Paul University in the United States.

Sponsored By: Genetec
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