Best of GSX 2023: Trending and Emerging Issues in Security

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5.5 CPE

5.5 CPE

Security threats are always changing. Professionals need to stay informed about emerging issues so they can mitigate and hopefully avoid risks to their organization.

This Best of GSX package includes 5 recordings that will keep you up to date on threats.

  • The Growing Threat of Alt-Social: Hacking the System to Stay Ahead of Virality 

    What is alt social, and why is it so dangerous? Acquire tools you can deploy to educate executives about the hidden dangers posed by alt-social and why they need to proactively manage the risk. This session will discuss the types of threats emerging from alt-social media and their potential real-world impact, including relevant case studies (Bud Light, Target, Domestic Extremists targeting electricity infrastructure) and practical examples.

  • Social Engineering—The Risks to Our Companies and Employees 

    This will be a presentation regarding the security risks around social engineering scams.  We will explore the social engineering concepts and framework, how the attackers select their victims (corporations or individuals), how the attacks are perpetrated (attack cycle, methods of attack, etc.), the potential impacts to corporations and employees, and how we can best prepare ourselves in order to mitigate the risks around it.

  • Right to Repair: Blessing in Disguise or Trojan Horse? 

    The Digital Fair Repair Act was signed into New York law at the end of 2022, becoming the first-of-its-kind legislation in the United States. With many other states considering similar legislation, its coverage could extend to almost any device with a microprocessor, impacting electronic security countermeasures and potentially introducing new risks, which include cyber vulnerabilities or inferior components affecting a product’s lifecycle. What is the real impact on security and life safety equipment in its current form? Learn more about the complex issues around Right to Repair legislation, why it should be on your radar, and the legal provisions to consider when evaluating the impact this will have on the industry when introduced in your state.

  • Preparing for the Next Era of Ransomware 

    In recent years, ransomware has been in an escalatory spiral, with more and more enterprises, governmental institutions, hospitals, and even critical infrastructure falling victim to unscrupulous attacks with higher and higher ransom demands. This session will share the results of a new research paper which explores the position of ransomware in cybercrime and what would trigger changes in ransomware business models. When pushed, ransomware actors are expected to replace their current ransomware payloads to create a new business plan: phishing for crypto-wallets, stock manipulation, supply chain compromise, or even BEC. Hacking cryptocurrency exchanges could also be a potentially fruitful avenue for them. Find out how best to prepare for these changes by understanding their new avenues and methods of attack.

  • Navigating Crime Shift Impacting Multiple Industries 

    Media continue to report violence escalation in many cities across the country. Shootings, assaults, and robberies have drastically affected almost everyone—from business owner to consumer. Employees are hesitant to return to work and use public transportation. Airlines have reported an increase in unruly passengers. How does that affect one as a business owner, a solution provider, or simply an everyday consumer? The first step is to be able to distinguish between media sensationalism and facts. Join us in this session to better understand these concerning trends with objective intelligence and become a part of the mitigation strategy.

  • 5.5 CPE
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