Best of GSX 2023: Leadership Development

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4.5 CPE

4.5 CPE

Security professionals are often called upon to be leaders amongst their teams and in their organizations. But being in a leadership position doesn’t equate with being a leader. Those skills must be developed and practiced.

This Best of GSX package includes 5 recordings to support your security leadership journey.

  • Diverse Paths to Leadership: Mapping Your Personal Journey 

    Though long considered a second career for law enforcement and military retirees, the security profession increasingly benefits from diversity of professional and personal backgrounds. In this session, four actively engaged security leaders—using four unique presentation styles—describe their individual and diverse paths to leadership. Along the way, they distill important takeaways for those seeking to ascend the leadership ladder—whether that is in the context of their employment, volunteer engagement, subject matter expertise, geography, or profession/industry.

  • Security Leaders to Business Leaders 2.0 

    Remote work and hybrid workplace strategies continue to challenge the security professional's traditional approach to responding to the needs of the business. Security leaders must continue to adapt and embrace changes in the way they support employees, facilities, and other assets of the company. In order to effectively service the changing requirements, security leaders need to challenge the way they think about how and what they do versus why.

    The presentation will focus on why a mindset shift from security to business is imperative to keep up with fast-paced, hyper-growth environments. Attendees will learn to process ideas and solutions from a business perspective.

  • "Soft" Skills: The Foundation of Security Work 

    Technical innovations and elite capabilities are transforming the industry, but recent surveys show that so-called "soft skills"—emotional intelligence, teamwork, and resilience—are among the most desired traits for security professionals. Although soft skills are not a leading-edge technology or emerging trend, improving such skills directly correlates to success. This session will offer tips, techniques, and practical advice for security professionals to become reliable, rewarding to work with, and resilient—the three essential ingredients for a productive career. This presentation provides a foundation for individuals and organizations to build trust, create a supportive work environment, and thrive under any conditions.

  • Leadership in Times of Crisis: Becoming Unconquerable 

    When crisis strikes, readiness and planning are only as good as the team confronting the situation.  And good teams require good leadership. But what should that leadership look like? What shape should it take? Are the best leaders those who are strong, decisive, and directive? In actuality, no. Those leaders who cannot or will not relinquish sole control in a complex situation are most likely to fail.

    The answer is to become unconquerable. In other-than-normal business conditions, good leaders become adaptive, they become listeners, and they become the embodiment of their organization's purpose. This is the essence of the idea: learning to let go without losing command. The outcome of which is principled decisions, better decisions, and much higher functioning teams. 

  • Ethics- Building and Maintaining Credibility

    How do ethics affect security operations? Why are perceptions of ethics important? How can you maintain personal and professional ethics? Ethical dilemmas are rarely anticipated and never simple. However, when they do arise, these situations can ruin careers or bolster brands depending on how they are handled. Join Michael J. Bacon, former CSO of Wells Fargo, to discuss his real-life experiences with a sales model that turned into a scandal. Corporate leaders can support a culture of ethics by speaking up, aligning ethics with organizational goals, and considering those rewarded in the organization and why.

  • 4.5 CPE
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