Best of GSX 2023: Behavioral Threat Assessments

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Behavioral threat assessment is a crucial tool in the identification of potential threats. Knowing how to identify, evaluate, and address potential threats helps security professionals take appropriate actions to protect their organizations.

This Best of GSX package includes 3 recordings to help you assess and model behavioral threats.

  • Security Leadership: Best Practices for Conducting Behavioral Threat Assessment and Enhanced Cognitive Interviews¬†

    Recognized as one of the most challenging skills in the behavioral threat assessment process, enhanced cognitive interviews are studied and examined but rarely perfected. Within this dynamic field, learn insider knowledge, cutting-edge practices, and future trends to quantify and optimize your assessment skills. First, study the dichotomy of behavioral threat assessments and how they differ from all other investigative interviews and tactics. Then, take a deeper dive into mitigating the risks facing organizations through an extensive examination of behavioral threat assessment interviews, analyses, and intervention strategies. This multidiscipline approach will significantly bolster your risk mitigation strategies and methodologies.

  • Behavior Threat Detection & Assessment: The Demystified Proactive Approach to Security¬†

    The last few years underscored the critical role security must play not only in responding to but primarily in preventing security incidents. Behavior Threat Detection is a highly-effective security method for protecting closed, controlled, and open-access operational environments. Over the last decade, Behavior Threat Detection has become the proven security measure for organizations looking for proactive operations capable of deterring and detecting threat actors and preventing security incidents. This highly impactful and interactive presentation will provide a detailed overview of the latest in the field of Behavior Threat Detection, along with several recent examples of successful implementation, integration with technological solutions, and subsequent results.

  • Threat Modeling 101: Star Wars Edition¬†

    Using threat models is like getting the blueprint to the Death Star. They allow you to plan for potential scenarios or ambush attacks from stormtroopers with impossibly bad aim. Understanding the possible risks ensures your entire team will make it back to the Millennium Falcon.

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