Best of GSX 2022: Workplace Violence Prevention Strategies

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Learn strategies to prevent workplace violence in this curated package of GSX recordings.

3.5 CPE

Workplace violence prevention can take many forms- from program design and leadership to a smart approach to triggering situations. Valuable lessons can be learned from hearing out other organizations tackle workplace violence prevention.  

This Best of GSX package contains 4 recordings presenting case studies and best practices in workplace violence prevention strategies.

This package includes:

  • Commonsense Approaches Toward Termination, Grievances and Minimizing the Potential for Violence

    This presentation is for anyone that may now or in the future deal with the challenges of separation.

    Join representatives from security and human resources as we collaboratively and transparently unravel, demystify and empower attendees on practical processes and approaches toward minimizing the possibility of violence to any organization or vertical.

    The presentation shall outline key steps to prepare for a respectful involuntary separation — before, during and after the conversation. Attendees will gain real-world examples, stories and practical applications of these tools that you can adapt immediately and without cost. 

  • Workplace Violence Prevention: A Proactive Approach for Threat Assessment Teams

    The unprecedented increase in workplace violence incidents has highlighted the need for security threat assessment teams to prevent these tragic events from happening and ensure a safe workplace. This presentation covers an innovative and highly effective workplace violence prevention approach that allows security professionals to recognize and prevent incidents versus respond to them. This program incorporates proactive personalities assessment, recognition of behaviors of concern and proven workplace violence prevention management methods. The presentation will cover the methodology, real-world case studies and implementation process.     

  • Adapting Workplace Violence Strategies to Accommodate a Modern Flexible Workforce

    As businesses embrace the modern flexible workforce, security professionals must reimagine how the workplace violence strategy must adapt to secure assets, data and employees. While many employees are considered “hybrid,” securing the physical property is a challenge when it comes to access control, protective strategies, training and insider risk mitigation. While most organizations may have had a robust security program in place, many facets of pre-pandemic policies and plans will not transfer over to the current work environment. The presenters will share considerations to think about for identifying and preparing for threats of violence and establishing a proactive approach for securing the new workforce paradigm.      

  • The Trials and Trepidations in the Leadership of a Workplace Violence Prevention Program

    More than ever, workplace violence prevention (WVP) is incredibly important to the corporate security program. In this session, three physical security professionals working in very different fields will discuss dealing with their leadership role as WVP program administrators. They will present the challenges experienced during program development, program implementation, changing culture, the leadership challenges experienced during “the heat of the moment” incident response/investigation and keeping the program focused on violence reduction. They will also address complacency, dealing with roadblocks, dealing with the challenges of working from home, all to help reduce the risk of violence in the workplace.

3.5 CPE
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