Best of GSX 2022: Strengthening Relationships to Support ESRM

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Learn to build better relationships to support Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) with this curated package of GSX recordings.


The foundation of ESRM encourages security professionals to forge collaborative and supportive partnerships with stakeholders such as asset owners and top management. In these partnerships, the security professional acts as a stakeholder advisor and advocate.

This Best of GSX package contains 3 recordings focusing on the relationship building that is so critical to ESRM.

This package includes:

  • Enterprise Security Risk Management — The CSO and Frontline Partnership

    Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) offers a strategic risk management approach that is adaptable to any organization or entity. From C-Suite personnel such as the Chief Security Officer (CSO), to the frontline security management, ESRM forms partnerships to combat and mitigate risks to enable the organization to achieve its mission and support the corporate governance structure. Strategic security planning is imperative and must be shared throughout every level of management, from cyber to physical security measures. This presentation focuses on how the CSO and frontline security practitioners work together using ESRM and the Concentric Circles of Protection framework to carry out security objectives.         

  • ESRM Basics: A tactical approach for ESRM Asset / Risk Prioritization and Documentation

    Prioritizing assets and risks and communicating those priorities back to your asset and risk owners is a key part of the ESRM life cycle. In this interactive session, we will discuss tactics for identifying and prioritizing assets and risks and demonstrate simple documentation tactics to ensure clear communication to asset and risk owners.       

  • The Power of Partnerships in Security Management-an Essential Component of ESRM 

    Partnerships provide the path to success for today's security professionals.  Referred to as the “power of two,” partnerships provide the broad source of information needed for security risk evaluation and decisions. In Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM), partnerships are the vehicle for security professionals to transition to trusted advisors, moving risk ownership to senior management/asset owners. In this presentation, partnerships for security professionals will be defined and the benefits of partnerships for security professionals and the organization clearly described using examples, Proven methods for establishing partnerships including introductions/initial meetings, how to maximize partnerships with other functions such as legal and HR, and tips for maintaining and expanding partnerships will be provided. Interwoven throughout will be the application to ESRM.        

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