Best of GSX 2022: Security 2022 and Beyond

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Learn about future security trends with this curated package of GSX recordings.


Staying a step ahead of bad actors is a constant battle. Security professionals must keep up with trends and next generation solutions.

This Best of GSX package contains 4 recordings that look to the future of security.

This package includes:

  • Next Generation Enterprise Security Risk Management

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Technology is transforming the global industrial landscape and is dramatically changing enterprise security risk management (ESRM). Ubiquitous CCTV placement, advanced facial recognition, ad-tech data, facial recognition, IoT, 5G networks and “smart cities” have arrived. Persistent physical and online surveillance, biometrics and advanced analytics is fusing our physical, digital, and biological identities. Literal and figurative 'blind spots' are quickly being reduced or eliminated.  For security leaders, this enables multiple surveillance surfaces to robustly monitor, track, assess and even predict behavior in real time and forensically examine events quickly with high granularity.  A panel of experts uses case studies to highlight best practices in leveraging modern capabilities for enterprise security.         

  • The Future of Physical Access Control Solutions

    IBM's yearly “Cost of a Data Breach” report states that the total average cost of a data breach is $4.24 million. To counter these attacks, investments in cyber security companies increased ninefold since 2011, according to Crunchbase. These technological advancements and investments in cybersecurity systems are in stark contrast with the current state of access control technology. The majority of physical access control technologies data back to the 20th century, creating enormous security risks. Already 10% of malicious breaches are caused by a physical security compromise, according to IBM. Therefore, investments in physical and digital security must go hand in hand. This session will give insights into the current access control systems and their risks, future technologies and tips to prevent physical security attacks.       

  • The SOC of the Future: A Glimpse into the Operations, Leadership, and Technology Requirements

    The Security Operations Center (SOC) is the central hub of your organization’s physical security operations and monitoring. With the rapid evolution of security and communication technology, SOC operations and personnel are facing emerging needs and requirements critical to its performance. What does the future SOC, RSOC, or GSOC look like? In this stimulating and thought-provoking session, get a glimpse into how future SOCs will operate, as well as what knowledge, skills, and abilities will be required of its leaders and personnel. Learn how to leverage new technologies for higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness. And gain insights into the methodology behind the creation of a compelling business case for new technology using key system data. 

  • Mitigate Service Issues and Contracted Guard Service Performance 2022

    In the wake of a pandemic, security practitioners are faced with the growing problem of providing anticipated levels of physical security at their organizations augmented by contracted security services.  The contracted guard services are struggling with providing contracted manpower due to shared available resources to provide site coverage. Security competency is also challenged with non-security industry persons seeking employment in a struggling service industry. This adversely affects security programs tasked with providing for a safe and secure environment. Exploring proven mitigation and planning methodologies will be shared derived from leading global security programs for fortune 500 companies.

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