Best of GSX 2022: Emergency Preparedness

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Learn from case studies on emergency preparedness in this curated package of GSX recordings.


The key to an effective emergency response is preparedness. Planning and practicing are fundamental to the process. Whether you’re starting your preparedness program from scratch or looking to improve your training process, these case studies offer something for all security managers.

This Best of GSX package contains 4 recordings focusing on emergency preparedness programs and exercises.

This package includes:

  • Preparedness Without Fear: How a Global Manufacturer Transformed Its Crisis Exercise Program 

    Novelis, headquartered in Atlanta, is the leading producer of flat-rolled aluminum products and the world's largest recycler of aluminum. The company has dozens of facilities around the world, ranging from corporate offices and manufacturing plants to recycling facilities and R&D centers. The diversity of facilities, geography, employees and cultures makes a one-size-fits-all approach to crisis management training untenable. Novelis partnered with a consulting firm to tailor training to the needs and requirements of specific facilities. Instead of top-down training that intimidates staff, Novelis's approach is consultative, using employees who are most likely to experience a crisis situation as experts to create a better process. This creates employee buy-in. As importantly, the drills are nonconfrontational and nondisruptive to operations.      

  • Mass Casualty Awareness and Preparedness — Active Assailant Response Planning 

    Recent surveys have found a growing number of CEOs are receiving threats for encouraging people to get vaccinated and wear masks. Others are facing threats for taking positions on political, social or racial issues. The stress of the pandemic has taken a heavy toll. With our societies stretched to breaking point, the potential for workplace violence is the highest it has ever been. An active assailant incident poses a threat not just to CEOs and executives in the C-suites, but also to the greater workforce and the business as a whole. This session will help participants develop the skills necessary to prepare for such a threat and better understand the Duty of Care obligation that companies have to their employees should such an incident occur.           

  • Building an Effective Emergency Response Plan — It Is More Than Just a Piece of Paper

    The pandemic has dramatically altered the global threat environment. Crime rates are up globally. CEOs and businesses are increasingly the targets of threats, both physical as well as digital. Employees working on insecure home networks are vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Global supply chains have been disrupted. For a company, protecting its people, assets and intellectual property has never been more important, or more complex.

    This session will explain what corporate leaders can do to shore up key security disciplines, including physical security, supply chain security, people protection, incident management and intellectual property protection. Participants will learn what to look for in a Duty of Care provider, and how emergency response plans can minimize disruption to their business and ensure the protection of their people.    

  • This Is Not a Drill:  Security Incident Tabletop Strategy

    Successful security incident response takes practice. But few organizations know how to bring the appropriate stakeholders together and run a meaningful drill of the organization's incident response plan. This interactive presentation will present successful strategies for developing a strong and actionable Incident Response Plan and testing that plan. We will address real-world problems like how to deal with a ransomware attack; whether, when, and how to pay a ransom; and whether to engage in incident forensics or not. We will also identify the key role security professionals play in the incident response process.              


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