Best of GSX 2022: Achieving Security Convergence and Digital Transformation

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Learn how the forces of digital transformation and security convergence impact organizations in this curated package of GSX recordings.


A holistic approach to security and data driven insights are the goals of many organizations. Learn more about the journey to security convergence and the digital transformation that happens along the way.

This Best of GSX package contains 4 recordings exploring issues of digital transformation and security convergence.

This package includes:

  • Decoding Digital Transformation and Increasing Security Leaders’ Trust in Technology

    As security professionals, we often feel as if we're drowning in information. Yet, the same technology we often hold responsible for “noise” provides opportunities to extract valuable insights in the delivery of world-class protection. In this 20-minute presentation, we will walk through perceptions from senior security leaders, delivered through analysis of a survey that identified successes, failures, fears and celebrations of digital transformation. The paradox is real: To lead digital transformation in risk reduction programs, we must accept risk through technology innovation in a controlled manner. Is digital transformation necessary for your organization? If so: where can you start or identify the next best steps?              

  • The Digital Transformation of Risk Assessments Into Enterprise-Wide Risk Dashboards — A Panel Discussion

    In this session, we will demonstrate how risk and threat assessment data can be consumed in a digital platform and translated into actionable dashboards for the purpose of dynamic risk analysis. This risk analysis will cover scenario-based assessments for threats, hazards, and compliance as well as the application of the principles of inherent risk, effective controls and residual risk. A panel of corporate managers who are utilizing such a platform will provide use cases for how they were able to better decide on how to deploy resources for baseline assessments, direct compliance for mergers and acquisitions, utilize independent contractors for data collection and provide for third-party validation of compliance measures.          

  • Security Convergence: Integrating Cybersecurity, Physical Security, and Business Continuity Functions at Chemical Facilities

    This presentation will bring together security experts from the private and public sectors for a discussion on cyber-physical security as a “converged” risk management practice. The growth of digital infrastructure and the increased adoption of technological solutions introduce several benefits for enhancing day-to-day security operations; however, security managers are often faced with the challenges of attempting to bring siloed operations together to achieve shared risk management goals. In this session, experts will share how they address cyber-physical convergence alongside business continuity functions at chemical facilities. Experts will offer an interactive platform for participants to share perspectives on successfully integrating cybersecurity, physical security and business continuity into an organization's enterprise security risk management practices.     

  • Security Convergence: Achieving Integrated Security

    Security convergence is no longer something to aim for, it is a strategic imperative. Today's threats include hybrid attacks targeting both physical and cyber assets. Security convergence helps organizations deter, detect and delay threats and mitigate risk. A panel of security experts will provide best practices, methodologies and recommendations to enable organizations to achieve integrated security through planning, promoting and implementing unity of effort across disciplines including physical security, information security, cybersecurity and information technology. They will share how organizations can implement solutions in several areas — organizational change/design, business processes, joint assessments and even the role of joint training in overcoming a traditional siloed approach to security and achieving integrated security.      

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