Best of GSX 2021: Techniques for Securing Facilities

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Stay up to date on the latest in facility security with this curated package of GSX recordings.


Facility security has changed significantly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This Best of GSX package features 5 sessions discussing the current trends and techniques. 

This package includes:

  • The Impacts of Digital Transformation on Physical Security - Video, Robotics, Turnstiles, Risk Assessment
    The new environment created by health and safety concerns has accelerated the digital transformation already in progress. Concepts that were on the horizon two years ago are now in demand. The impacts of digital transformation on the physicals security industry are remarkable. Our panel comprises physical security practitioners engaged in robotics, video systems, security entrance control systems, and risk assessment. This panel of varied talents will explore how digital transformation has impacted each of their areas of expertise. Tools such as digital twins, augmented reality security design, drones, and robots produce exceptional products with surprising efficiency. Digital transformation tools generate easily understandable visuals and graphics that portray acceptable concepts to decision-makers and clearly demonstrate potential vulnerabilities and their mitigations.
  • Protecting Public Buildings Against Violent Civil Unrest
    Increased domestic tensions, targeted violence, and disinformation have made public buildings more frequent targets of violent civil unrest. Understanding the current threat environment with its evolving tactics is critical for risk management and preparedness efforts. Lessons learned and best practices from real-world incidents by those who have firsthand experience is invaluable. The Chief of the Interagency Security Committee (ISC) will moderate a panel of three senior security professionals who will share perspectives on the contemporary threat and how to prepare/respond to it based on their recent experience confronting these incidents. Their knowledge and lessons learned may be applied to federal buildings as well as to state, municipal, and private-sector buildings accessible to the public.
  • Controlling Your Airspace From Drone Threats
    As the threat of drones becomes more present and more common, the understanding of what actions organizations can legally take is still unclear for most. This presentation intends to clear up all confusion and inform the audience of the latest systems, processes, and tools legally available to implement to protect their facilities and assets, with a specific focus on the "above premise" domain. Building on the knowledge provided to security audiences across the globe, the presentation team of professionals will provide contemporary knowledge of the capabilities of drone and counter-drone technologies, as well as navigating the ecosystem of airspace laws and legal limitations to drone and counter-drone operations.
  • Physical Security Technology in Commercial Real Estate: The Impact of COVID-19 
    Commercial real estate changed dramatically after 2020. This panel will look at the CRETech digital tools a company uses to efficiently run its facilities and the spaces within these buildings globally to see where efficiencies can be made to help security industry professionals secure quick lockdowns and support rapid re-openings. Case studies show that less than 52% of commercial real estate will be occupied in 2022-2025 - how do we secure against it?
  • Bomb Blast Facility Protection for Security, Risk and Property Managers
    The session bridges the gap between theory and practical application of facility and personnel blast protection in terms you can understand. Front line building professionals will discuss antiterrorism risk analysis, terrorist threats, and affects and protection from blast and progressive collapse, as well as physical security criteria and provide case studies. You will witness the impact of blast on the building exteriors through video demonstrations, learn how to protect your personnel from the effects of a bomb blast, and gain an understanding on how to economically harden your facility.

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