What's User Experience Got to Do With It?

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Sponsored By: HID Global
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Learn to connect user experience to the world of physical security.

Sponsored By: HID Global

User experience: You've heard the term used in reference to some of your favorite apps and devices, including Facebook, Twitter, or iPhones. The companies behind these products are constantly studying and tweaking their interfaces and product features so users can quickly, easily, and automatically complete actions. The focus on the experience their users have with their products is a large part of why their apps and devices are so popular.

While this focus is great for app and device makers, you're probably wondering what does user experience have to do with the world of physical security? The answer is quite a bit. For the people that access your facilities—employees, contractors, visitors, tenants, etc.—a simple, streamlined experience from their first interaction at on-boarding through their last at off-boarding, can make the difference between a secure and unsecure environment, and, in the eyes of security, a trusted versus untrusted identity.

Security Management welcomes HID Global to discuss how simplifying and automating identity and access management processes in your organization can lead to an improved user experience for your organization's employees and the extended identities that need access to your facilities, making your organization more secure.

In this free webinar you will learn:

  • Why considering user experience is important for physical security;
  • About the trusted identity lifecycle and how user experience plays a role;
  • How streamlining the processes for managing identities and access improves user experience


Don Campbell
Vice President, Product
HID Global

Don began his career as a United States Marine Corps officer where he ran a 13-person team responsible for managing a 35 building/5000 user network. Upon leaving the Marine Corps, Don held a number of positions with technology companies ranging from LEO satellite communication to IT Security management. In 2003, Don joined the physical security space as PSIM products began to arrive on the market. Don helped build Vistascape Security Systems which was sold to Siemens in 2007. He continued to define the PSIM space as the Head of Product for Vidsys. In 2014, Don joined Quantum Secure, which was acquired by HID Global in 2015. In his role at HID he leads the HID SAFE product team where he focuses on modernizing the user experience and expanding their PIAM portfolio. Don received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Duke University.

Ian Lowe
Product Marketing Management Director
HID Global

Ian is passionate about marketing all things related to Identity, Cybersecurity, IoT, Cloud, and Digital transformation. In his 19-year career, Ian has become a recognized product marketing and sales enablement leader having created and launched successful cloud-based Identity and security solutions that are used by top technology firms, financial services organizations and Governments around the world today.

Sponsored By: HID Global
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