Utilities Security Management Resilience Through Adaptable Innovation

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Learn to employ adaptation as an effect response to change and as an integral part of the change management cycle.


Utilities are shaped by change and must adapt to remain resilient. Adaptation by the security group that is driven by innovation will typically bring better results than simple course corrections after change has been initiated by external factors. Innovation is most often driven by being ahead of the change curve, seeing what's happening in the world and understanding the business pressures available mitigation options and external influences before they come to bear on the organization. Planning at this level places the security team ahead of many other business groups within the organization. In order to remain relevant, security managers and their teams are called to respond effectively to change and to be an integral piece of the change management cycle. The key to addressing future security management requirements is rooted in current security management planning and must address four (4) essential components of organizational maturity.

This webinar will expand on this idea and provide support to each of these four pillars for adapting to change and remaining innovative in the process.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Relate security program resiliency to four essential components of a security management program.
  • Understand how the security management program establishes a baseline for all work initiated by the security group.
  • Understand how security program development, sound business management acumen, situational awareness programs and enterprise security risk management are integrated and drive innovation.
  • Understand why physical security risk management and cybersecurity risk management need to be integrated to support security resiliency planning.

Credit Information

CPE credits for ASIS-sponsored webinars will be updated in your user profile within 48 hours of completion. Self-reporting of CPE credits is not required.

Expand Your Learning!

Need more information about utilities security management? Check out the January issue of Security Management Magazine. In the article Adaptable Innovation and Utilities, webinar presenter Doug Powell considers future utility trends and demands focused on four key areas to increase adaptability - no matter what lies beyond the horizon.


Doug Powell
Security Project Manager Planning & Project Delivery - Security & Emergency Management
BC Hydro & Power Authority

Doug graduated from the University of British Columbia in mathematics and quickly commuted his problem-solving capability into risk management expertise. Doug's career has focused on critical infrastructure protection. Over his 36 years managing security functions, Doug has developed expertise across multiple disciplines including Enterprise Security Risk Management, Security Program Development, Physical Security Design, Smart Grid Security, Security Program Compliance and several others. Doug has been fortunate to apply his experience to three of the largest modern-day projects BC Hydro has undertaken: the 2010 Winter Olympics; Smart Metering and Infrastructure; and the Site C dam construction project. As a result, Doug has been called to lead and work with international committees and Boards. He has delivered numerous speaking engagements, written articles for professional journals, and has authored fifteen white papers on diverse security topics. He has also developed security training programs for ASIS International and instructed throughout North America. Doug's work has been recognized by the security industry and by his peers: 2011 CSO of the Year; 2012 Security Program of the Year; 2017 ASIS International's Roy Bordes Award for Volunteer Leadership Excellence. In addition to his professional engagements, Doug also serves on the Board of Directors of Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver and has served on other charitable and non-profit boards and committees.

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