Preventing Workplace Violence

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These presentations, originally given at GSX 2018, provide security professionals with information to help them prevent workplace violence.

3 CPE's

This package includes three recordings focusing on preventing workplace violence. These sessions were recorded at GSX 2018.

How Behavioral Threat Assessors and Investigators Can Collaborate to Prevent Workplace Violence

There's no crystal ball, no single red flag, no buzzer that sounds right before an individual physically attacks another at work. Instead, clues can be small, subtle, and seemingly disconnected. The signs can be easy to miss even by a seasoned behavioral threat assessor with insufficient information or a threat investigator working alone without assessment experience. Preventing violence requires the expert hands of both disciplines looking at the threads. Identifying opportunities for intervention takes exceptional coordination and mutual support among professionals who bring different methodologies and skill-sets to their tasks. Learn how professionals at the height of their careers can adopt new ways to save lives together.

Workplace Violence Prevention Training: Practical Programs for Busy Spaces

Workplace violence prevention training is no longer optional in most workplaces. But the environments where it can be most needed--including educational and healthcare settings--are also the environments where time and other factors make it difficult to implement. Identifies potential barriers to establishing and implementing a workplace violence prevention program and explore solutions for addressing those impediments. Outline the elements necessary for creating a program based on evidence and published standards, and come away with practical guidance on training staff to those standards.

Best Practices to Prevent Workplace Violence

It is a tragic story heard all too often: An employee, upset by reasons related or unrelated to the employer, gets access to weapons, goes on a rampage, and hurts or kills co-workers, family members, or strangers at work. Are these horrific events impossible to prevent? Post-incident interviews suggest that others may have known the employee was unhappy, but never imagined a tragedy would unfold. Review case studies that show security management practitioners how to spot red flags before an incident occurs.

3 CPE's
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