Implicit Bias in Physical Security Operations: Why it matters.

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Learn how implicit bias impacts the security profession. Originally conducted 9 March 2021.


The impact of implicit bias on physical security can have tremendous consequences. When a security professional must determine who is a threat or who belongs, their decisions and actions might be rooted in unwanted bias. Bias influences our perceptions about others, without our knowledge and consent?and is often misaligned with our personal beliefs and values about equality. It is critical for anyone interfacing with employees, customers, or the public, or anyone with oversight over physical security or a guard force, to be aware of how implicit bias affects our attitudes about others. Sadly, situations in which security professionals made biased judgments have resulted in tragic outcomes from job loss, reputational damage, lawsuits, and loss of life and human dignity. It's more important than ever for security leaders to be thinking about the role of implicit bias in our industry.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Increase awareness of what implicit bias is and why we need to be thinking about it.
  • Understand that implicit biases are universal; making associations is how we make sense of the world: when we unknowingly begin to associate groups of people with negative stereotypes, it has disastrous consequences.
  • Explore the impacts of implicit bias on the security environment.
  • Discuss real-life case studies and determine how implicit bias might have played a role in the decisions and actions of security professionals.
  • Think about ways to disrupt unwanted bias and how to educate and empower physical security professionals.

Credit Information

Completion of this webinar is eligible for 1 CPE credit. CPE credits for ASIS-sponsored webinars will be updated in your user profile within 48 hours of completion. Self-reporting of CPE credits is not required.


Meredith Moore
CEO, Greylake Training Solutions

Meredith started Greylake Training Solutions to empower people to feel more confident in their safety and help organizations and businesses meet their commitment to keeping a global workforce prepared to operate in an insecure world. Her philosophy toward security focuses on the ?human factor' of security operations and is inspired by her expertise and passions for the science of learning, psychology, and international affairs. For 18 years, she's been a learning and development professional. Highlights from her career include creating dynamic programs for Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, and multilateral development banks; leading the development of security training programs at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund; serving as an advisor to the United Nations on security training initiatives; developing training programs for conflict-affected students in Nepal and serving as a United States Peace Corps volunteer in China. As CEO of Greylake, she's living her dream by bringing creativity, new ideas, and knowledge to help security leaders fulfill their responsibility to keep their workforce safe through thought-provoking learning and development programs. ? She's had the privilege of training thousands of people from every corner of the globe. Her love for creating innovative and valuable learning experiences alongside her dedication to promoting confidence, so people feel safe is at the heart of her mission at Greylake Training Solutions.

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