Crisis Time De-escalation Best Practices for Security Professionals

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Learn tips and best practices to train your security team to de-escalate situations.


Security teams are interacting with a public under increased stress. These heightened tensions can lead to situations that escalate quickly to a confrontation. How can security teams best respond? In this 20 minute presentation, Jim Sawyer, CHS-Diplomate, CPP, CHPA, Security Director at Seattle Children's Hospital, lists the do's and don'ts of de-escalation.

Also packaged with this presentation is the article, Working to Reduce Incidents of Workplace Violence, featuring an interview with Keith McGlen, CPP, CHPA, discussing how to maintain a violence-free workplace. The article touches on building trust and proactively engaging behaviors. Use these best practices to train and equip your security team with the skills they need to respond and diffuse volatile situations.

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