Best of GSX+ 2020: Top Rated Sessions

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4 CPE's
Stay up to date on important topics with this curated package of the top rated GSX+ sessions.

4 CPE's

The GSX+ education roster has been curated to help you stay current on the latest topics affecting the industry. This Best of GSX+ package includes 5 of the top rated sessions. With topics covering CPTED, investigations, analytics, drones and more, you'll get a primer on issues important to your practice.

Package includes:

Using Corporate and Public Art as a CPTED Strategy

Most CPTED presentations in the past have focused on the concepts and theories of the strategy with very few examples and applications. But take a close look at real-world examples of CPTED applications that include the use of color along with corporate and public art as a way to reinforce the CPTED principles of natural surveillance, natural access control, territorial reinforcement, and maintenance. With so much emphasis on target hardening in previous CPTED examples, current trends are now focusing on good design strategies supplemented with physical security strategies. Examples include applications within educational facilities, commercial offices, government facilities, universities, green spaces, and retail facilities.

Presenter: Art Hushen, President, NICP, Inc.

Recognize the Indicators of Sex Trafficking in the U.S.

Hear fresh insights on sex trafficking to better understand how its complexities have enabled this crime to evolve and even thrive in the United States. By learning the indicators, security professionals can make companies and communities hostile to sex trafficking by increasing the risks so they outweigh the rewards for predators. The result is a reduction in the number of victims forced into the sex trade and better security for companies and communities. Identify practical strategies to disrupt, deter, and intercept this crime, thereby empowering businesses and communities to join the fight for freedom from predators while protecting the vulnerable.

Presenter: Jeff Tiegs, Chief Operating Officer, Guardian Group

The Real Story of How Analytics Affect Physical Security

Modern physical security systems are comprised of devices that generate high volumes of data. But what does an organization do with the vast amounts of data? How can companies use data from these systems to improve their overall business? Discuss how analytics engines, when applied to analyze security system data, can find meaningful, actionable details. These finding can help company leaders, including facility managers, HR heads, marketing teams, and legal departments, improve business processes and increase an organization's bottom line. The result transforms the security department into a strategic income-generating department.

Presenters: Jonathan Moore, Product Director, AMAG Technology; Louis Boulgarides, CPP, President and CEO, Ollivier Corporation

How Today's Drones Affect Privacy and Security

The increased use of drones in the workplace and in law enforcement also increases privacy concerns and the complexity of security environments. Understanding the basics of drone regulation is imperative when planning an appropriate response to the current threats to security posed by drones. Existing counter-drone technologies can address the threat, and industry research analyzing the effectiveness of counter-drone systems gives feedback on their application. Identify paths forward for addressing potential drone risks in a variety of security settings.

Presenters: Mark Schreiber, CPP, Principal Consultant, Safeguards Consulting, Inc.; Jason Cansler, Chief Operating Officer, UASidekick; Nathan Ruff, CEO, UASidekick Social Media Investigations:

Go Beyond the Big Sites

Social media sites and online communication platforms define our everyday lives. Social networking is how we connect, express ideas, make purchases, find jobs, and share our lives with the world. The flurry of this digital interaction is a goldmine for investigators and security professionals who need to reach beyond the typical checklist of Facebook and Twitter. Explore advanced open source and social media intelligence collection techniques for a variety of popular mobile apps and online platforms used by billions. Look into case studies and real-life examples of how these tools and techniques can be applied for security monitoring, fugitive recoveries, asset locating, background checks, and fraud and criminal investigations.

Presenter: Edward Ajaeb, Founder and President, Nighthawk Strategies

4 CPE's
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