Best of GSX+ 2020: Top Attended Sessions

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Stay up to date on important topics with this curated package of the best attended GSX+ sessions.

3 CPE's

The GSX+ education roster has been curated to help you stay current on the latest topics affecting the industry. This Best of GSX+ package includes 5 of the most popular sessions. With topics covering workplace violence, risk, artificial intelligence, drones and more, you'll get a primer on issues important to your practice.

Package includes:

Avoid Workplace Violence Through Conflict Management

Most incidences of workplace violence are avoidable. But if small tense situations are handled inappropriately, they can quickly turn into emotional or physical violence. Through effective conflict management, the escalation of minor incidents into violent outbursts can be reduced drastically. The use of the appropriate skills can reduce complaints, liability, and injuries while promoting better collaboration, improved morale, and greater personal safety. Learn how to embed these skills into an organization's conflict management program and begin to reap the benefits of having a more conflict-savvy team working on behalf of the organization's brand.

Presenter: Darren Good, Managing Director, Good Sense Training

Case Studies on Modern Risk Assessment

Businesses that adapt to change evolve. They harness the opportunity to know more about their business to be better equipped to work smarter and, ultimately, do better. Accomplishing this goal requires an understanding of best and proven practices as well as experiences that shape and enable good risk-based decision making. A panel of experts share their experiences, decisions, and outcomes from various risk assessment projects. Learn from their experiences and discuss strategies and challenges for implementing a successful risk assessment.

Presenters: J. Kelly Stewart, Managing Director and CEO, Newcastle Consulting, LLC; John Murphy, CPP, Global Head of Security Operations, Stripe; Mark Lex, CPP, Senior Vice President, Torchstone Global, Inc.; George McCloskey, Vice President Safety & Security, Impossible Foods

Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Cyber Security

Adoption of cybersecurity practices have never been crucial in today's remote setup as people rely heavily on well connected environments. Gain awareness to guide vendors and service providers on methodologies that can be used to improve system deployment practices.

Presenter: Punky Duero, Security Consultant,

Logic Framework AI Principles and How to Talk About Them

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be viewed as a vague concept these days, especially in the physical security profession. But AI is progressing fast, and keeping up with the business benefits and applications of AI technologies can be hard or even ignored if security professionals cannot understand or communicate their attributes. Take time to consider some common terms surrounding AI that will enable security practitioners to talk intelligently with other technology or business leaders and vendors on the topic. Join representatives from the ASIS IT Security Community and Security and Applied Sciences Community to learn AI principles and language used around the world.

Presenters: Jeff Sieben, CPP, Principal, Sieben and Associates Ltd.; Coleman Wolf, CPP, Senior Security Consultant, ESD Global; Donald Zoufal, President, Crowznest Consulting, Inc.

How Counter-UAS Technologies Can Protect Facilities, People, and Intellectual Property

Leaders from the top counter-UAS companies participate in a panel discussion and Q & A on drone capabilities and counter-UAS technology. Explore a range of key topics such as whether the traditional scaling barrier is a thing of the past, can C-UAS systems alert security teams when a drone intrudes into a company's airspace, can a drone flying over a secure facility be shot down if it poses a legitimate threat, and more.

Presenters: Nathan Ruff, CEO, UASidekick,; Tim Bean, CEO, Fortem Technologies; Amit Samani, VP, DeDrone; Leo McCloskey, VP, Echodyne; Robert Tabbara, CEO, 911 Security

3 CPE's
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