Best of GSX+ 2020: Insider Threat

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Stay up to date on insider threats and mitigation strategies with this curated package of GSX+ recordings.

3.5 CPE's

Insider threats are evolving rapidly in response to workforce changes due to the pandemic. How can your organization respond? This Best of GSX package contains 5 recordings that review the latest trends and threats and explain mitigation strategies.

This package includes:

Insider Threats in a Borderless Work Environment

In today's world, employees more frequently are working from home, at an off-site location, or on the road. While beneficial to an organization's bottom-line, this perimeter-less workspace creates new digital fence lines with new vulnerabilities across digital, physical, and human domains. These new threats pose long-term risk to organizations and make traditional mitigation approaches obsolete. To properly respond, organizations need creative ways to gauge the behavioral stressors, perceptions, associations, plans, intentions, and actions of remote workers. Likewise, they need new ways to protect sensitive data, from creation to consumption to destruction. By reviewing a case study that illustrates best practices, learn new lessons on how to navigate the borderless insider risk domain.

Presenters: Val LeTellier, Chair, Insider Threat Committee, ASIS Defense and Intelligence Council; Scott Stewart, Vice President, TorchStone Global; Malique Carr, Psychologist, Vice President, TorchStone

Global Insider Risk: A Self-Assessment Tool

All organizations--regardless of their size, industry, or region--must recognize the scale of harm they might experience from an insider attack. In 2019, the petroleum industry in Norway established a project to identify best practices for insider risk mitigation. As a result, a report and self-assessment tool was developed based on international best practices. Explore how the self-assessment can be used, review 50 recommended security measures, and address some of the challenges the industry faced when implementing the measures.

Presenter: Tommy Hansen, CPP, Security Adviser, Hansen Security Risk Management Consultant

Insider Threats: Understanding the Threat Landscape

The world is more connected than ever before. This changing landscape creates increasing security vulnerabilities for businesses, municipalities, and organizations. This interactive panel will feature dynamic security leaders from all parts of the industry - manufacturer, integrator, end customer - to discuss the growing need for insider risk/threat programs. These top executives will discuss the challenges they face within their companies in creating and implementing insider threat policies, identify what kinds of threats they face within their organizations, and offer advice as to how to mitigate these threats in a comprehensive policy and program.

Presenters: Antoinette King, PSP, Axis Communications; Lina Tsakiris, CPP, CIBC; Sherri Ireland, Security Exclusive; Silvia Fraser, CPP, City of Mississauga

Insider Threat Mitigation

On a global scale, the average time to detect, identify, and contain an insider data breach was 279 days in 2018, costing an average of $3.9 million. For organizations with more than 25,000 employees, the average cost of an insider breach was $5.1 million, which amounts to $204 per employee. The consequences for a small organization with 500 to 1,000 employees are significantly greater - the average cost was $2.6 million or $3,533 per employee. Explore four primary principles of an effective insider threat program along with case studies, best practices, and options that demonstrate how the four principles interact.

Presenter: Susan Schneider, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Exhibitor Presentation: Detect the Unusual with Symmetry Business Intelligence

Hear how AI can help detect unusual activity and behaviors to help combat insider threat.

Presenter: Jonathan Moore, Director of Product Management, AMAG Technology, Inc.

3.5 CPE's
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