Best of GSX+ 2020: Future Security Industry Trends

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3.5 CPEs
Learn about trends impacting the security industry in this curated package of GSX recordings.

3.5 CPEs

The security profession has evolved and advanced, keeping pace with business and societal changes. What current trends may predict the next iteration? This Best of GSX package contains 5 recordings that explore current and future state of varied aspects of the security industry.

This package includes:

Security 2030 and Beyond

For some dreamers, a speculative journey into the future includes some well-known and a few not-so-well-known technologies of today and extrapolate where they might be at least ten years from now. But what do the experts say about future capabilities? How will technologies affect the security industry and professionals alike? By looking at each technology individually and as a whole, a reasonable perspective can take focus, predicting what the future might look like for such technologies as artificial intelligence, facial recognition, drones, 3D and 4D printing, autonomous vehicles and robots. Far from a fact-based presentation, the speculations can still be fact-driven and based on the most likely results.

Presenters: Christina Duffey, CPP, Executive Vice President, PalAmerican Security; Dave Tyson, CPP, Managing Partner, CISO Insights, Apollo Information Systems; John Petruzzi,CPP, Executive Vice President, G4S Americas, G4S; Tim McCreight, CPP, Chief Security Officer, The City of Calgary

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Security

Security technology is advancing at a faster pace today than at any time in the last fourty years. Take a look at the progress and specifically discuss the positive effects artificial intelligence (AI) has had on security automation, analytics, transaction verification, and user interfaces. On the flip side, also understand how AI raises concerns related to security focusing on bias, trust, supervision, privacy, legal frameworks, and job skills. Follow the work undertaken by the ASIS Security Applied Sciences Ad Hoc Council as members prepared their latest white paper.

Presenter: Drew Weston, CPP, COO, CodeLynx

Security Guard Labor Trends: Winning (and Losing) the Workforce Battle

Throughout the past fifteen years, the U.S. economy and the job market has seen dramatic ups and downs. With labor being a top expense, security guard businesses have felt the effect of those fluctuations stronger than other industries. Get an inside look at labor trends for security guard companies and learn how they compare to national averages. Find out where security guard companies are struggling in the pre-hire process and where there are opportunities to hire employees who will stick around.

Presenters: Jill Davie, President, TEAM Software, Inc.; Jeff Davis, President, Kwantek

The GSOC of the Future: What's Next?

An organization's global security operations center (GSOC) is the nucleus of its security operations and is one of the most important pieces for overall security functionality. But GSOCs around the world can look completely different based on the organization's goals, budget, and overall vision. However, one commonality remains: the GSOC is where a variety of systems and solutions come together to provide a singular operational picture, mitigating threats and promoting enhanced communication during an incident. But how does an organization actually design and implement a GSOC? What technical issues must be considered? How is risk assessed as it related to developing a security plan? And what does the GSOC of the future look like? Join this panel to help answer these questions.

Presenters: Dan Gundry, Director of Sales and Marketing, Vistacom Control Room Solutions; Kevin Wilson, Senior Director, Enterprise Technology and Security, Asurion; Rob Hile, General Manager, Florida, GC&E Systems; Ryan Schonfeld, Founder and CEO, RAS Watch

Opening Doors in 2020: Access Control Technology Trends

While there are countless options available to secure a facility, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for all security situations. Explore current access control authentication technologies and compare the various approaches while contrasting their benefits and drawbacks. The options include traditional proximity cards, biometrics, mobile credentials, smart cards, multi-technology readers, and other emerging access control applications. Discuss the aspects of secured communication for access control and risks associated with legacy cards and communication types. Gain insight into the future of access control technology.

Presenters: Jeffrey Slotnick, CPP,PSP, President, Setracon Enterprise Security Risk Management Services; Jonathon Harris, CPP,PSP, Director - Enterprise Solutions, Guidepost Solutions, LLC; Michael McGovern, PSP, Regional Sales Manager, Automatic Systems

3.5 CPEs
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