Best of GSX+ 2020: Best of X Learning

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Stay up to date on security technology in this curated package of GSX+ recordings.

2 CPE's

X Learning covers what you need to know now to keep up with the rapid emergence of security technology. Covering the latest in cyber, AI, and tech; this Best of GSX+ package includes 6 X Learning sessions that open the door for meaningful conversations around technologies poised to have a transformative impact on today's security professionals.

This package includes:

The Accuracy Myth: How to Evaluate AI Technology Critically

Today, nearly every vendor describes its offerings as using artificial intelligence (AI) and being more than 99 percent accurate. However, "artificial intelligence" has no fixed definition, and even the word "accurate" can be misleading since it also lacks a fixed definition. AI purchase decisions require a buyer to understand the technology that undergirds a marketing claim and know how that technology performs. Many vendors say "AI" when they are actually relying on older technology such as linear regression or motion analysis. A deeper analysis of AI system performance requires an understanding of false positive and false negative errors as captured by precision and recall. Walk through how to make these determinations.

Presenter: Benjamin Ziomek, CTO, Actuate Technology

Disruption in Sports Venue Security

The sports industry is on the brink of a revolution as teams and venues adopt new technologies, including augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile ticketing, and ticketer tracking. The tsunami of data and information that will be shared with in-venue and at-home viewers creates lucrative opportunities for teams, players, and leagues. However, each of these technology systems and platforms are ripe for exploitation by competitors, thieves, activists, and even nation-state proxies. Share insights on the sports venues and entertainment districts of the future that will drive fan engagement and inclusion. Also explore the critical vulnerabilities that will require new security approaches to protect the people, assets, and information that come together to produce any sporting event.

Presenters: Hans Davies, Director, Toffler Associates; Masseh Tahiry, Senior Risk Strategist, Toffler Associates

Security Assessments with Purpose and Sustainability

Scenario Based, Analytical and Action Oriented Security assessments are the foundation of any security program and can be performed effectively with mobile technology. Explore the progression from a traditional assessment to a more engaging model using newest advances in technology. Learn how being proactive and allowing for a reoccurring process supports comprehensive strategies to reduce risk exposure and ensure program investments are commensurate with a systematic approach to measure and manage risk. Examine what scenario-based assessments provide that drive a comprehensive review of process improvement needs, organization maturity and tangible risk exposure. Evaluate the power of analytics in the process and how that will lead to predictive and prescriptive levers for the operations.

Presenters: Michael Martin, CEO, Circadian Risk, Inc.; Ty Richmond, President, Risk Advisory and Consulting Services, Allied Universal

Cybersecurity Threats to Physical Security Systems

Physical security systems are the top system in any company targeted by insiders and outsiders. What can be done to counter this threat? In 100 percent of the cases, trusted individuals use the internet to deploy cybersecurity tools to compromise physical security systems. Explore ways to stop that vulnerability.

Presenter: Jeffery Stutzman, Trusted Internet, LLC

Identify Malicious Cyber Activity By Leveraging Data Within the Deep and Dark Web

An immense volume and variety of data is concealed in the deep and dark webs. Companies find it increasingly difficult to monitor and mitigate threats, paving the way for malicious actors to perform undetected nefarious activity. Whether it be the sale of bank routing numbers, email addresses, or counterfeit drugs, many illicit activities hide in plain sight and can be identified using publicly available information. Learn how to tap into the nearly infinite data available in the public domain, including deep and dark web data, to enhance security strategies, inform decision making, deter threats, and ultimately protect businesses and customers alike.

Presenter: MG (Ret.) Mark Quantock, Executive Vice President of Strategic Account, Babel Street

Exhibitor Presentation: 4 Myths of Cloud Based Physical Security

Digital transformation and the growth of cloud infrastructure are big topics of conversation. But there are misconceptions that prevent organizations from using these tools. Learn what these myths are and explore why they may not hold true.

Presenter: Martin Renkis, General Manager, Tyco Cloud View, Johnson Controls

2 CPE's
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