Best of GSX+ 2020: Behavioral Threat Assessments

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2.5 CPE's
Learn how to identify threats by recognizing behavioral patterns with this curated package of GSX recordings.

2.5 CPE's

Human behavior is complex and multifaceted. But behavior also lends itself to patterns, which when studied and recognized, can be indicators of future actions. This Best of GSX package includes 4 sessions that explain how to recognize behavioral patterns to identify and mitigate potential threats.

Package includes:

Behavior Pattern Analysis and Recognition

The United States Marine Corps uses training on combat profiling to proactively identify threats through behavior pattern analysis and recognition. Combat profiling gives users the ability to understand human behavior and read human terrain, and it can be effective in identifying anomalies in people, places, and things in any culture or location. Combat profiling techniques are not exclusive to the battlefield; they can be employed by security professionals in any setting. Learn the basics of combat profiling and its domains: hueristics, proxemics, geographics, atmospherics, kinesics, and biometrics. Understanding and incorporating these domains into an assessment can help identify anomalies and react before an incident occurs.

Presenter: Sonny Tai, CEO, Actuate

Insights Into Behavioral Psychology

Understanding neuroscience and behavioral psychology can be the key to making companies safer. Interpreting human nature--what motivates us, what frightens us, and why we act the way we do--can lead to more effective security operations. All human brains have the same physiology that is deeply engrained with innate instincts and behaviors, and we all grow and develop in mostly similar ways. Understanding how a human brain works during a crisis or emergency is critical when designing how to develop professional security responses. Brains work differently when the stakes are high, information is limited, and time is constrained. Being aware of how brains respond in these situations can be the key to survival.

Presenter: Meredith Moore, Founder and CEO, Greylake Training Solutions, LLC

Understanding Violence from the Perpetrator's Perspective

Violent and hostile individuals often display common mental patterns prior to their violent or aggressive acts. These individuals are on a continuum toward aggression or violence. By understanding their mindset, the escalation can be defused. Whether it's a mounting threat of violence or a sudden action in the heat of the moment, learn field-tested, take-and-use methods to mitigate acts of violence and retribution. Concrete guidelines show how to communicate with enraged and potentially violent individuals. Recommendations include knowing what to say and do if aggressively confronted and avoid triggers that can inadvertently escalate the situation.

Presenter: Bruce Blythe, Chairman, R3 Continuum

Exhibitor Presentation- Stress and Violence in Today's Climate

Current events are causing increased stress across the world's population. This presentation explains the potential stressors and what your organization can do to mitigate adverse outcomes.

Presenter: Joe Hendry, PSP, CLEE, Director, Risk Assessments, Navigate360

2.5 CPE's
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