Best of GSX+ 2020: Becoming a Better Leader

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Explore current issues in organizational leadership with this curated package of GSX recordings.

4 CPE's

Leadership skills allow security professionals to play an integral role in the success of their organization. These skills must be continually honed to stay timely and relevant. This Best of GSX package includes 6 sessions exploring current leadership issues.

This package includes:

Why the Security Industry Needs Women Leaders

Research in psychology shows that women inherently possess attributes that make them perfect candidates for a career in security, such as communication and empathy. In addition, many advertisers now focusing their marketing strategies on women because they influence a significant number of all purchase decisions. The security industry can build on the research and strategies used by others when making hiring decisions that make good business sense. In the end, a dedicated diversity and inclusion program in the workplace leads to a healthy and rich balance of voices and better outcomes.

Presenter: Lisa Terry, CPP, Vice President Vertical Markets, Healthcare, Allied Universal

Women in Security: Overcoming Barriers to Success

Women working in traditionally male-oriented careers such as security, law enforcement, intelligence, and the military face a unique set of challenges, but their careers can still be extraordinarily successful. Discuss the qualities women bring to the workplace and how to leverage them to create a business advantage. Take an honest look at how women can unknowingly get in their own way toward success. Learn how a successful female security executive developed a compass for prioritizing work and life decisions to achieve personal balance and professional success. These lessons can also be valuable to men who supervise, work for, or collaborate with women colleagues. Explore the power of mentoring as well as the challenges and benefits of cross-gender mentoring relationships.

Presenter: Jennifer Hesterman, Vice President, Education Services, Watermark Risk Management International

Managing Stress During a Crisis

Security, environmental, economic, human, and social crises are pervasive. They introduce change in systems while generating conflicts. This volitility requires resilience professionals to face personal strengths and vulnerabilities while supporting internal and external customers appropriately. In the end, professional technical expertise is essential when managing and understanding the human elements. Emotional intelligence is at the heart of crisis management, including managing an individual's emotions and stresses, a topic often overlooked in the private sector. Combining technical expertise with these soft components is the key to sustainable resilience for both a corporation and its employees.

Presenter: Alexandra Hoffmann, CEO, Alexandra Hoffmann Consulting

Reaching the Next Generation of Security Leaders

While getting the right people into the security management pipeline is essential for the future of the industry, the recruitment aspect of professional development has been overlooked. Countless opportunities for embarking on satisfying careers in security have been lost for both career seekers and employers. To reverse this trend, ways to tap in to outstanding initiatives are available today, but they are not known to potential candidates or security industry leaders. Examine current recruitment methods that can be used to reach future security leaders and address new outreach initiatives that can be developed.

Presenters: Bonnie Michelman, CPP, Executive Director of Police, Security, and Outside Services, Massachusetts General Hospital; Mike Hurst, CPP, Director, HJA Consult

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion- Strategic Imperatives for Success

Wide-ranging discussions, official statements, policy shifts and heated debates have come out of the racial tensions and civil unrest that have occurred worldwide recently. Besides a heightened awareness of unconscious bias and systemic racism, what are organizations and security professionals doing to actually influence change? What aspects of the business can benefit from a systemic approach to supporting a robust Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy? Hear thoughtful insights and practical suggestions in this lively panel discussion.

Presenters: Michael Brzozowski, CPP,PSP, Risk and Compliance Manager, Symcor; Lisa Oliveri, CPP, PCI, Director of Global Safety and Security, Education Development Center; Suzanna Alsayed, Founder, Evolutz and Hilt International Security; Iskandar Jefferies, CPP, Branch Manager, Bidvest Noonan; Malcolm Reid, CPP, Managing Director, Brison

Exhibitor Presentation: Maturing your Security Program using a 5-stage Model

During this thought leader interview, Darren Hill explains how Resolver's maturity model can help advance your security function and overall organization.

Presenter: Darren Hill, Director of Sales, Resolver

4 CPE's
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