Best of GSX 2019- Social Media as an Investigation Force Multiplier

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3 CPE's
Learn how social media has become a valuable investigative tool with this curated package of GSX recordings.

3 CPE's

Social media is for more than sharing, posting, and influencing.This Best of GSX package includes 3 sessions exploring how social media can be an important force multiplier in any investigation.

This package includes:

Using Social Media to Protect You, Your Client, and Your Business

Social media is used every day for both business and personal activities. Do you know what you are giving up to the public through social media? Do you know how to use social media to protect yourself and your client? Learning the steps to secure personal information on social media is key. Understanding the vulnerabilities of social media and how using it for work can make a huge difference in every-day accomplishments. Remember, social media can be the enemy, but it can also be security's greatest ally.

Online and Social Media Investigations: Go Beyond the Big Sites

Social media sites and online communication platforms define our everyday lives. Social networking is how we connect, express ideas, make purchases, find jobs, and share our lives with the world. All of this digital interaction is a goldmine waiting for investigators and security professionals who need to reach beyond the typical social media investigative checklist of Facebook and Twitter. Explore advanced open source and social media intelligence collection techniques for a variety of popular mobile apps and online platforms used by billions. Look into case studies and real-life examples of how these tools and techniques can be applied for security monitoring, fugitive recoveries, asset locating, background checks, and fraud and criminal investigations.

An Insider's Guide to Investigations in the New Digital Age

Using today's most well-know investigative techniques, tools, and tactics, security professionals can help fend off dangerous digital and social risks to a company's physical plants, cyber plans, and reputation. Through an in-depth overview of recent case studies, learn how to shield companies against these new attacks and threats and how outdated investigative actions musts be avoided to move forward efficiently, effectively, and safely.

3 CPE's
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