Best of GSX 2019- ESRM in Action

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3 CPE's
Learn how ESRM is being put into practice with this curated package of GSX recordings.

3 CPE's

You've heard about the Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM), but have you heard how other organizations are actually making it happen? This Best of GSX package includes 3 sessions exploring how ESRM is applied in the real world.

This package includes:

Discover Security Program Efficiencies Using an ESRM Approach

You have been tasked to find savings for your organization by reducing your security spend, but arbitrary budget cuts put your enterprise at risk. Learn how to help your organization identify options for cost savings while not increasing the organization's security risk exposure. Attendees will participate in an exercise and use an assessment worksheet to find cost-savings and efficiencies for managing risk in line with organization tolerance while staying in budget or even reducing security spend.

Combining Risk, Response, and Resilience within an ESRM Model

Dissecting the factors within ESRM takes each core element out of the process and provides a fresh overview of the ASIS-approved function. Examples from real case studies identify the core features that glue each area of ESRM together and explain how they apply to a specific organization. This in-depth look makes the approach to risk, response, and resilience more coherent and effective, ensuring that an organization can reduce the unknown, identify its critical assets, and understand when an incident threatens to become a crisis.

How ESRM Is Making a Difference

Reading a company's annual report underscores the point that executives demand strong enterprise risk management, especially in public, regulated companies. Examine real stories from the trenches of how the security managers and risk managers have worked together to prioritize and protect company assets. Hear how the next decade will bring a heavy reliance on third-party technology, which introduces volumes of unchartered risk as well as new threats. To respond appropriately, executives will need to rely on a digitally-transformed enterprise security risk management team to manage the impact of large, complex, negative events.

3 CPE's
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