Best of GSX 2019- Cyber Attacks- Prevention and Response

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3 CPE's
Learn what cyber threats exist, how you can prevent them, and how you should respond should you experience a breach with this curated package of GSX recordings.

3 CPE's

The cyber threat landscape changes almost daily. There are always new vulnerabilities to guard against. How can you make sure your organization is prepared? This Best of GSX package includes 3 sessions detailing an updated threat landscape, what methods hackers are using, and how to respond to a potential breach.

This package includes:

Cyber Threats to Expect in 2020

Many common attack techniques are used by cyber criminals today. But what industry standards and be used to identify and address cyber risks that are likely to increase in the future? Potential cyber threats will involve risks from blockchain and artificial-intelligence-powered hacking activities. Consider responses to these threats provided by industry professionals with experience and certification in cyber terrorism, communications, and IT security.

Business Espionage in the Age of Technology

For decades, various entities have been stealing corporate information and intellectual property and compromising a company's technology. It is time for all businesses and government agencies to wake up and take responsible for protecting sensitive information from compromise. Hear real-world examples of threats from hijackers, smugglers, counterfeiters, business spies, competitors, and other bad actors as well as from state-sponsored business espionage programs.

Who You Gonna Call? Working with Law Enforcement, Regulators, and Attorneys During a Breach

Discovering a breach is the beginning of your worries. Who do you call first--corporate counsel, law enforcement, regulators, or forensics? What happens if you conduct forensics without counsel? What happens if you don't use forensics? Should you engage with law enforcement and how can they help? Are you required to report the breech to your regulators and will there be follow up? With the maze of competing and often conflicting laws and regulations concerning breach response, organizations are often misinformed and ill-prepared when it comes to managing post-breach risk. Hear detailed strategies on managing post-breach risk when working with key players such as law enforcement, regulators, and counsel.

3 CPE's
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