Best of GSX 2019- Business Continuity Plans

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Learn how to develop and implement a business continuity plan with this curated package of GSX recordings.

2 CPE's

Having a business continuity plan is essential to ensuring your organization isn't scrambling when something goes wrong. Developing these plans and putting them in to practice, however, can be overwhelming. Where do you start? This Best of GSX package includes 2 sessions detailing how to develop and implement a business continuity plan.

This package includes:

Implementing a Successful Business Continuity Program

Security professionals are tasked with the protection of assets in a world of rapidly evolving risks. As a result, business continuity has become an imperative for security professionals. But there has been much confusion about what business continuity is and what it is not. Participate in a discussion that seeks to bring a bit of clarity to the successful implementation of the concept using an industry case study as well as best practices. As more security professionals are seeing the responsibility in their portfolio, the time is right to shed some light on how to implementing a business continuity program in accordance with international standards, including ISO 22301.

Developing a Robust Business Continuity Plan

A business continuity plan (BCP) ensures that an organization can overcome serious incidents or disasters and resume its normal operations within a reasonable amount of time. Discuss the development of BCPs and learn how to conduct BCP drills and exercises. Gain access to critical but scarce resources for educating workers so they can respond once it is safe to do so and effectively document events electronically to reduce the time and costs associated with manually producing this information. Segmented independent plans will fail in times of disaster due to difficulty communicating across functional, business units and geographic lines. Hear how integrated tactical plans can ensure that resources are available and that priorities and the mission are coordinated.

2 CPE's
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