Best of GSX 2018- Drones Impact on Security

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These presentations, originally given at GSX 2018, provide security professionals with an overview of the impact drones are having on the security industry.

3 CPE's

This package includes four recordings exploring how drones are impacting security. These sessions were recorded at GSX 2018.

How to Adapt Your Security Posture to the Infusion of Drones

With the rapid deployment of small drones across the globe, security organizations are scrambling to become familiar with the threat they represent as well as with ways to use this new technology as a force-multiplying asset. Learn from drone industry professionals and a physical security design engineer about the realistic applications of drone systems and counter-drone solutions that can protect organizations and facilities. Come away with answers to various questions, such as how can drone flights be detected? Are drones trespassing? Can drones be stopped in the air?

Flying Past Security and Privacy: Drones and Facility Protection

The legitimate use of drone technology is growing in the military, businesses, and consumer sectors. But illicit actors and benign or mischievous recreational users may fly drones dangerously close to government facilities. Legal experts are debating how and when it is permissible to capture a drone that may pose a threat. The Department of Homeland Security's Federal Protective Service (FPS) commissioned a group of law enforcement security officers, along with the Interagency Security Committee, to understand the security threats drones pose to the federal workplace. Explore the debate between legal experts and law enforcement security officers that can inform future drone policies.

Increase Airspace Security with Drone Detection and Countermeasures

Drone threats are rapidly increasing in many environments, including public events, industry infrastructures, and government facilities. The more than 8 million hobbyists can cause problems such as diving into refineries or flying near the Pentagon. But others harbor nefarious intent, such as eavesdropping on board meetings to obtain proprietary information, spying on movie sets, and dropping contraband into prison yards. Explore how to protect a corporation's airspace by identifying the location of rogue drones and their pilots. Learn how to develop standard operating procedures to protect that airspace and respond quickly so law enforcement can intercept those responsible for violations.

The Future of Aerial Security: Drones, AI, & the IoT Ecosystem

Damon Henry, CEO and co-founder of Asylon, will be discussing the pivotal role of aerial robotics, a.k.a. autonomous drones, in respect to the security IoT eco system. The discussion will focus on the use of fully autonomous drones as an active robotic response, providing video verification through the use of AI and connected devices to create an automated security ecosystem.

3 CPE's
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