Best of GSX 2018: Active Assailant Response Training Programs

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2.5 CPE's
These presentations, originally given at GSX 2018, provide security professionals with information to help them train for active assailant situations.

2.5 CPE's

This package includes three recordings focusing on active assailant response training programs. These sessions were recorded at GSX 2018.

Creating a Realistic Armed Active Shooter Response Training Program

Active shooter incidents in churches, schools, and businesses seem to be a common phenomenon in today's world. Security and law enforcement agencies must be prepared to respond rapidly and appropriately to neutralize the threat and minimize casualties. To that end, armed active shooter response training must be realistic and dynamic to afford responding officers the best chance of success. Components should include live-fire firing range training, building entry and room-clearing techniques, blue gun training scenarios, and active shooter simulation training.

Effective Active Shooter Training in a Distributed Environment

Many organizations have staff distributed across multiple locations. But without dedicated local security management resources, they often struggle with the consistent delivery of training and exercises in their active shooter response programs. Hear how two organizations addressed this problem across corporate offices, college campuses, and healthcare sites by combining distance learning and guided exercises.

Active Assailant Workplace Violence Management Training

Organizations can encounter legal and liability issues if the active assailant component of their workplace violence training programs is inadequate. Discuss organizational responsibilities as it relates to this topic and learn how to create, implement, and audit a variety of programs, policies, and procedures that can reduce the possibility of an event occurring. This training has already helped organizations prepare for, respond to, and recover from active assailant and workplace violence events.

2.5 CPE's
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