ASIS Europe: Putting the S into IoT: ENISA's Efforts on IoT Cyber Security

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Learn about ENISA's efforts to promote IoT cybersecurity by proposing baseline IoT security measures complemented with sectorial vertical studies that look into IoT security in particular sectors.

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ENISA has been working with stakeholders across the board to address the many challenges of IoT security. ENISA advocates for a risk-based and context-based approach that looks into the particularities of sectorial IoT deployments and proposes specific security measures to address relevant risks. In parallel, understanding the ecosystem nature of IoT and the interdependencies, baseline IoT security recommendations have been proposed by ENISA to facilitate security interoperability in a horizontal manner. The talk will discuss related efforts and activities of ENISA and ways the community can engage with the Agency to further improve IoT cybersecurity.

This session was originally presented at ASIS Europe 2019.

This session is only available to ASIS Members.

Presenter: Apostolos Malatras, Expert in Network and Information Security, European Network and Information Security Agency

0.5 CPE's
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