ASIS Europe: Geopolitical Competition for AI Dominance

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Learn who is in the lead for AI and what factors are contributing to the divergence in development.

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Technology has always played an integral role in strategic competition, and today's global battle for AI dominance is both headline grabbing and significant. China, the United States, and the European Union each approach AI development, deployment and regulation differently, and each have their own inherent strengths and weaknesses. In addition, with applications ranging across the civilian and military spectrum, Mr. Baker will assess the impact the AI race may have on international business operations as organizations maneouver the precarious path of resurgent big power competition.

This session was originally presented at ASIS Europe 2019.

This session is only available to ASIS Members.

Presenter: Rodger Baker, Senior Vice President of Strategic Analysis, Stratfor

0.5 CPE's
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